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Inmarsat Mini-M system is a truely global mobile communicatoin for business travellers and people on mobile. The terminals are very portable, user friendly and easy to set-up. These terminals require less satellite power and bandwidth thereby reduction in size of the antenna and weight of the control console. This system is available in Portable, Maritime, Vehicle Mountable and Large Antenna version (LAMM) as well. Inmarsat-Mini-M system supports Voice, Fax and Data. 

  • Services

    (318 bytes)   Voice
blebul2a.gif (318
    bytes)   Fax
       blebul2a.gif (318

  • Speed

       blebul2a.gif (318
    bytes)   Voice at 4.8 kbps
       blebul2a.gif (318
    bytes)   Fax at 2.4 kbps
       blebul2a.gif (318
    bytes)   Data at 2.4 kbps

  • System

nmarsatMini-M terminal is digital system. This system is available in LandMobile and Maritime as well as Vehicle Mounted versions. These terminals are very portable, handy and easy to use user friendly transceiver sets. There are also standard interfaces for facsimile equipments, modems and personal computers.


  • Value Added Services

        blebul1a.gif (1048 bytes)  Websurfing
       blebul1a.gif (1048
    bytes)  Internet E-mail
       blebul1a.gif (1048
    bytes)  E-mail To Fax

  • more....

Tata Communications commenced its Inmarsat -M services on November 12, 1995. Tata Communications offers Value added features on this service at very competitive rates. Please contact our Customer Care Centre for more information.


Contact for marketing Tata Communications offers exclusively for this Inmarsat Mini-M system, a pre-paid card service called Inmarsat Mini-M SIM card. Find everything about this SIM card service you wanted to know but do not know whom to ask. more details here...



Product Gallery

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