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Tata Communications has launched its next generation Inmarsat service Fleet Broadband for maritime market. 

This next generation service from Inmarsat takes your vessel into the IP era while still supporting the core voice and ISDN data capability of INMARSAT's existing maritime services.


Tata Comm at its best again ......

When you were anxiously browsing the TV NEWS channels in comfort of your home, what was happening in Gujarat after that century's worst Earthquake in India ?

How administration and volunteers made it 1+1 = 2 ?

Find out excerpt from the report of  one of the volunteer agency here...

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Tata Communications is proud to provide the Indian Navy with Inmarsat’s Fleet Broadband Solution on Board the first ever Solo Circumnavigation of the Globe carried out by Cmdr Dilip Donde for the prestigious project titled "Sagar Parikrama".

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villager making call

Mr. Vashist is a painter working in Delhi.On June 3rd his father expired.

There was no means to communicate this message to Vashist from his village Bavapuda in Barabanki Dist......

How Tata Comm's Inmarsat Village Public Telephone (VPT) helped transform their lives and keep themselves pace with latest technology. Find here....

How to send message from Land to Inmarsat-C mobile ?

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