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Here you will find the complete description on how to send text messages from Internet to your Inmarsat-C terminal using our Web-To-Telex service. This presentation is in text format with appropriate screenshot taken for demonstration purposes. Kindly requested to use your own data like UserId, Password, Inmarsat-C Mobile Number. The data given or entered here is for demonstration purposes only, do not use them for your own account. Thank you.

Step 1. Fire any Internet browser on your PC. We recommend to use Netscape browser as it supports the "Server Push" technology which is very much necessary for security and timely completion of your job.

Step 2. Type the following in address bar of your Internet browser and press enter.


You could get either of the following two windows :

If you have received first one, then you have not typed the URL correctly. See that you have missed "s" after 'http' in your URL !. This "s" stands for "Secure Server" in terms of security on web. VSNL takes utmost care of its customers when it comes to providing service on web.

Step 3. Enter the UserID and Pin Number given to you by VSNL. These UserID and Pin Number can be obtained only after opening Web-To-Telex (WTT) account with Inmarsat Customer Care Center, VSNL. For opening account contact here. The screen shot given below shows the UserID and Pin Number entered into it. The numbers entered there are for demonstration purpose only, do not try it for your account.

Step 4. Press Submit Button and what you will get is the following window Service menu. Under 'Single Stage Selection Calls' click on "Normal Store and Forward Call" link from the service menu.Please remember that other services in the menu are paid services and can be availed after opening necessary accounts with VSNL.

Step 5. A new window will open for you to enter the text message, Destination Mobile number and Ocean Region. See the following screen shot. Again remember that the Inmarsat-C mobile number entered there is for only demonstration purpose. Do not use the number, ocean region, message format from this demonstration.

Step 6. Enter the Inmarsat-C mobile number (9 digits only) which starts with '4'. Choose the ocean region where your destination ship is sailing from right hand menu. If you are not sure about the Ocean region refer the ocean map here. Type the message in short forms and abbreviations in capital letters. Be brief.You can attach a small text file of size not more than 31 kb. Inmarsat-C system supports only 32 kb max. See the following screen shot.

Step 7. Press submit button and see the status window right side to get display of live routing of your message. Remember that Inmarsat-C system is Store and Forward (S&F) telex service. If you submit your message to Land Earth Station (LES) it does not mean that your message has been delivered online. It takes few minutes to deliver your message to the destination Inmarsat-C mobile depending on the availibility of satellite transmission channel and availability of mobile, ocean region and size of the message. Refer following screen shot.

Step 8. On status window (right side vertical window), look for string 'Received MRN' which is usally 6 digit number assigned by Earth Station acknowledging the receipt of your message. Kinldy note down this MRN for future reference. Please note that it is not an indication of delivey of your message to the destination ship, it is just confirmation about receipt of your message in mail box. Now, look for message in green font. It says about successful receipt of your message by LES.

Step 9. After completion of sending message you need to close the current window by clicking button marked with 'X' on the top right corner of the window. You will be again at normal service menu. To logout from this session click logout in the service menu as shown below in the screen shot :

Step 10. You will see the thanks message from the Secure web server as shown below :

Ok. That is it. Still problem in signing in ? difficulties in understanding the terms ? or getting error messages ? visit our FAQ on this service here.